Research on Food Insecurity

A portion of a research paper focusing on Food Insecurity in Urban Areas:

“…As stated above there are three areas that food security encompasses availability, access and use.  One may presume that these are non-issues in industrialized nations such as the US and Canada. In fact, in some aspects this is true. A global food security index industrialized by The Economist in 2012 showed that the top ten food secure countries were the US, Denmark, Norway, France, the Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Canada, Finland and Germany.  These countries and other wealthy nations are capable of producing over 1100 calories per day over the necessary caloric intake of 1200 calories (The Economist 2012). Even with this ability, there are a growing percentage of the populations (many of which reside in urban areas) in these wealthy countries that are becoming increasingly food insecure. This number is growing due to several compounding factors.

First, a major factor is the proximity of freshly grown food and the urban area. By its definition, an urban area has little to no agricultural land. This of course means that food must be shipped in from greater distances than rural areas. This can create what is often called a food desert, an area where citizens are geographically isolated form healthy and affordable food options. In the US alone approximately 2.3 million people live more than a mile away from a grocery store and lack transportation to get there  (Food First 2009).  While public transportation may help urban residents access food easier than rural residents, the quality and food choice is often limited.  The increase in urban sprawl only increases the chances and vastness of food deserts in urban areas…”


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